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Introduction: Unclog Sink Revised

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So this picture shows my first attempt, which worked but I added a chrome piece to fit my sink water outlet perfectly. Also someone mentioned about the overflow hole, one could make a cork type of device to plug it but I prefer my thumb. Cheers!

Step 1: Tools and Parts

List of tools: flat head screwdriver
List of parts: small plunger head around $5, Danco 10506 dishwasher aerator adaptor chrome $5.75 free shipping, 5/8" hose(length depends on you're particular sink), hose clamps around $1, and 5/8" barbed fitting.

Step 2: Drill a Hole

Grab the plunger and make a hole with a drill through the bottom.

Step 3: Fittings

Each fitting will go on either end of the hose. The chrome piece fit perfectly on to my sink water outlet after I took the piece that was originally there. It works better if you screw in the chrome piece first and then adapt the hose with plunger.

Step 4: Connect Plunger

The barbed fitting you get from the hardware store must fit the plunger you intend on using on its threaded end.

Step 5: Clamps

Slide the hose into the chrome adapter and tighten the clamps at shown points to prevent water leakage.



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    Another thing that works, run water till hot. Put a couple Alka seltzer in drain, let set for about 10 min. Stop drain with plug, fill sink with hot water, pull plug and you should be in great shape.

    I bought the right fitting, I'll update.

    I would imagine for small jobs, like the one you might have had or even my example of some hair shavings a simple plunger would be more than suitable. I had 5 women under one roof using the same bathroom who all had "long flowing hair"... Point is the sink would get clogged with hair. My uncle brought the garden hose into the house and with full pressure did what this thing does and got it unclogged. I mentioned adding a pressure gauge because at some point water pressure won't do it, a plumber with a "snake" tool would have to come, as was my experience after around two months the same issue arose with my sisters hair. I used to have a bald head in Los Angeles and was looked as a thug when in reality I just hated hair especially in the drain.

    just recently I cleared my daughters sink [and do it with my own all the time ]with a small plunger and my hand of the overflow hole ,worked like a char ,I dont see the need to build this device ,,, great job though if it worked

    Great idea!

    How did you plug the overflow hole(s) at the top of the sink?

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    Some kind of custom cork could possibly work as well.

    My thumb lol. Forgot about that.

    Rafununu. The idea came to me on a dream

    Eh eh, clever guy !

    Yeah, it does leak. I wrap my hand around it and gets the job done. I'll order the right fitting later. I'll update.

    Went a touch overnoard with the thread tape. 3-5 wraps is plenty. Too much could cause leaks.

    Dang. Thanks mooshi, I didn't expect that lol

    This is brilliant