Under Barrel Grenade Launcher for the MAR




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This is an Instructable for an under-barrel grenade launcher for my MAR. It launches grenades which throw fragments around the area of impact upon impact.

Note: The grenade launcher has a block trigger but since this is more of a secondary, special, or back-up weapon I guess it doesn't matter as much.

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Step 1: Making the Components

Make the following:

Picture 1: Make 2 (Lets for now call these part A).
Picture 2: Make 1 (Lets call this part B).
Picture 3: Make 1 (Lets call this part C).
Picture 4: Make 1.
Picture 5: Make 1.

Step 2: Construction

Follow the images:

Picture 1-2: Add "Y" clips where shown (there should be 8 of them).
Picture 3-4: Add the earlier made parts where shown.
Picture 5: Place white rods where shown.
Picture 6: Add the earlier made ram rod and add rubber band(s).

Step 3: Ammo

These are different types of ammo which can be used. These can be hard to make. I suggest first putting the spacers on the rod and putting the "Y" clips at the ends and using you fingernails or something thin to push the rod so both "Y" clips hold on. Then add the gray or metallic blue connector.

Step 4: Placing, Loading, and Firing

Lock the white rods so they connect into the grip as shown in image 1. Place the rubber band like in the 2nd image. Pull the ram rod back as in image 3 until the trigger blocks the rod from pushing the ammo out and place the ammo in the barrel. Push the trigger to the side to fire (Its a block trigger).

Warning- This may cause harm or injury if misused. Do not point it at people. I am not responsible for damage, injury, or death caused by this instructable.



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    8 years ago on Introduction

    here it is, its on a crossbow and the 3rd pic is of shotgun ammo the 4th pic os of grenade ammo! thanks it cool. I have to add more to the cross bow to make it stay stedy but here...

    NO 001.JPGNO 002.JPGNO 003.JPGNO 004.JPGNO 005.JPG
    2 replies

    What do you mean that "it" never worked? Did the grenade not shoot out? Did it not fragmentate? Did the trigger not want to move? Or something else? The design is so simple it should almost never fail totally.

    Maybe the ram rod when the trigger is pushed aside hit the white connector? In this case you just push it up until it goes through the hole in the white connector.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Are you just referring to my guns or are you trying to make a joke? If it is supposed to be a joke, how about explaining it or using more words so it can be understood?