Use Your "survival" Wire Saw to Carve Pumpkins




Introduction: Use Your "survival" Wire Saw to Carve Pumpkins

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First you have to hollow out the pumpkin and draw the face as always, then cut a small hole so that saw end can pass trough.
Take the saw ends with your hands and start to carve:) Its very easy to follow the drawn lines. Take out the excess pieces, and clean the parts you carved with some paper :)
In this way you can create very detailed carvings. Have Fun!
For all of you who don`t have this saw, it costs around 9$ and its amazing!!



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    Tnx! Me to, but i don`t have any that where small enough, and i have this saw.
    Well its really worth a try, and VERY easy to follow detailed drawn lines and curves. :P