Vertical Daily Chess Board




Introduction: Vertical Daily Chess Board

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Do you love chess, but don't have time to sit down for a long game? Play everyday with just two moves a day, and add a little style to your home to boot!

Step 1: Gather Supplies

Supply List:

Frame with glass
spray paint
cheap chess set
measuring tape
double stick tape
sheet metal
metal clippers/shears
glue (I used E-6000)

Step 2: Paint the Board

*Measure the glass inside of the frame and divide each side by 8 to find the dimensions of each square. It will not be square unless your frame is square. 

*Cut 32 pieces of cardstock that match the dimensions from the previous step

*use double stick tape to tape each piece of cardstock onto the glass (keep the frame on) in the pattern of the white squares on a chess board

*Remove the glass from the frame and spray paint the glass. (I chose a color that would go well with the color of my green wall)

*Once dry, remove the cardstock

Step 3: Build the Shelves

I found some strips of sheet metal that were meant for some specific purpose at my local hardware store. By buying strips, it made this step a lot easier. Regardless, the image shows the shape you will need to cut/fold the sheet metal into. 

When determining the length, measure the width of the inside of the frame (this measurement will be slightly larger than the glass) The little tabs at the end, should fit inside the frame and not show outside. 

Step 4: Pieces

*I bought a super cheap chess set at wal-mart to begin with, because I wanted my pieces to match the paint job. 

*If you want to paint your pieces, be sure the paint is good for plastic. Mine wasn't and it took 3 days for it to dry fully. 

*Once they're dry, glue magnets into the bottom. 

Step 5: Chess Board Assemble

* Glue the metal strips into the frame
* Glue in the glass with the paint on the back side
* Optional: I wanted to use the wall color as my second color. If that isn't the best option for you, put a piece of colored paper behind the glass
* Hang
I hung my board next to our back door so that my husband and I can play each day with one move when we leave for work and one when we come home. Pieces that have been taken get placed at the top of the frame. 



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    15 Discussions

    Do you mean do not understand something or I do not understand

    Hi again. I made my own and here is an image:

    I also published the instructable and gave you credit for the inspiration. Thanks again.

    1 reply

    Very innovative idea. I love the fact that you can hang it on a wall, out of the way, saving valuable table space. Also, that players can have an agreement to make a move every time they pass it. Great tool for teaching young people to play and keeping their minds sharp. Definitely building one for every member of my family. Thanks for sharing. I'll send you an image once I've built one.

    1 reply

    I love the creativity, but board orientation is wrong. Not trying to troll, but it's surprising how many chessboards are not set up properly. Please google and show us the right way.

    Oh that sucks. Oh well, good with your other entry though :)

    Hey, if I were you I would enter this in the I Could Make That Contest. I saw it on for $219.95 ! I was shocked at the price cause I figured it would be fairly easy to make for a much cheaper price. Anyway if you do enter it in the contest, good luck :) and nice job.

    1 reply

    That's a fantastic idea since I'm sure it cost less than $50, but sadly I can't. The I Could Make That Contest opened after I posted this ible. I did enter my knit headphones in that contest. Thanks for the heads up though!

    love the idea. I would of made each square enclosed. Im a chess player, and I love this

    Now, this is really cool! I love the decoration of having the game on the wall, but I also love the idea of vertical chess. My wheels are spinning over time and I know some individuals who this would make the perfect Christmas gift! Nice work!

    This vertical chess board i have seen it first time here. I really don't imagine that chess can be played by vertically. It is totally innovative idea to play chess.

    I love art that serves a purpose! This is a great example of interactive art. Only comment would be the color pattern of the board should be inverted.
    Only If the glass represents the white, and the colored squares represent black.
    An old ryme of "Bishop white, on the right.

    This will be an excellent living room / entrance piece!