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Introduction: Vinyl Record Cupcake Stand

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Sooooo I decided for my wedding that I'd make four cupcake stands for afternoon tea.
It being a vintage wedding and the fact that we both love music I thought why not make it out of records ;-) and so the record cupcake stand was born!

This is ridiculously easy so don't worry you will get there. I believe in you even you have doubts yourself, ok let's get started!

Step 1: What You Need

1x 45cm long m10 (10mm) threaded rod.

(Hardware should have these and usually sell them in 1m lengths so make 2 stands and give one to friend!)

6x m10 nuts (normal not nylon self tighten)

6x m12 penny washers

2x 20cm radiator chrome covers (these are light plastic and cut with a scissors)

1x end m10 nut to finish off the top

3 x records (1x 12 inch 1 x 10 inch 1x 7inch)

All this should set you back just over a tenner.


Pliers to tighten nuts
Lighter or heat gun to melt vinyl
Knives to clean up vinyl

Step 2: Preparing Parts

First you need to widen the holes in the vinyl.

Simply use a lighter or a heat gun to heat the centre hole of the record. Once it's heated, push the record onto the threaded bar. This will expand the opening of the record to 10mm. Don't apply to much heat as to destroy the record, a little heat goes a long way.

Let it cool on the bar for 20sec or so then remove it.

Use a knife to clean up the edges of the hole flattening any bumps.


Measure your 20cm piper covers. Cut them at 14cm with a scissors. So now you have 2x 14cm pieces and 2x 6cm pieces.

Step 3: Assembly

The assembly is a basically one set of actions repeated three times.

First threat a nut to the bottom of the bar. The drop down a washer.

Next drop down your largest record.

On top of the record drop down another washer then another nut. So that the record is sandwiched between 2 washers.

Centre the washer and tighten both nuts with a pliers.

Next drop down one of your 14cm pipe covers.

Thread down another nut to the top of the pipe cover. Then a washer, your middle size record . Another washer then another bolt. And tighten.

Next repeat with the smallest record.

Finally take you two 6 cm pieces and drop them over the last nut. You can slot over the other. Finally top it off with your end nut.

You now have your stand! So the last thing you need to do is to make it not wobbly so you can either glue some feet to it. Glue it to a lazy Susan so it spins around or as I did. Place it on the lid of a biscuit tin upside down!

Either way you now have an amazing cheap cupcake stand !!!!! Enjoy!

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    6 years ago

    Wow nice stands ;-) holly


    6 years ago on Introduction

    This is such a great Idea!! I'm thinking of all sorts of ways to modify it to fit my existing cake stand with a center hole. I've included some photos of the stand with the center hole. They're loaded with Christmas cookies!:) The bottom plate has feet on it already.


    6 years ago

    Haha perfect! Nice idea with the juice dispenser! Or even a burco built into an old radio for tea!


    6 years ago



    6 years ago

    Wow! Cool! This is such a cool idea!