WIKarts: Make Suspended Glass Fishing Floats & Gazing Globes

Introduction: WIKarts: Make Suspended Glass Fishing Floats & Gazing Globes

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A quick and easy way to suspend spherical objects, such as fishing floats, gazing globes, or any other item you wish to hang inside (or outside) your home!


Tools and Materials

- Spherical object

- 36-48 strong jump rings or small key rings

- Several yards of 1mm or 2mm elastic cord

- Heavy-duty cord/rope (length depends on size of sphere)

- 2 pairs of pliers (flat-nose or chain-nose work best)

- Scissors

- Masking tape

- Sturdy hanging hook

It's best to get as long a cord as you can find for this project. The length you'll need will vary depending on how large the sphere is and how many rings you use, but I wouldn't recommend starting with less than 10 yards/meters, unless you don't mind knotting the cord at intervals. That could be cool with different colored cords, and you might even knot the cords at the bottom of the sphere, add some beads to the cord ends, and have them all dangling down below the sphere!

Also - because these can be heavy, it's important to make sure the hanging hook goes into something solid (like a joist or wooden beam) rather than just drywall. You certainly don't want it to fall down!



The fabric cord (also known as Bohemian Cord) used with the Gazing Globe, and Cork Cord used with the small float, can be found on Etsy from many different sellers.

You can find key rings in local hardware stores or online. I found mine on ebay by searching for Split Key Rings. I'd recommend 12mm to 16mm (1/2 to 3/4 inches) for this project.

I hope you enjoy this instructable!

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