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How to make a black and red "Renegade" Mord Sith costume (or whichever colors you'd prefer!)

This costume was inspired by the Mord Sith costumes in the television series "Legend of the Seeker."

It's a little different in certain design aspects - the most obvious being that it's black instead of dark red, but I tried to be as faithful as I could while still keeping the cost to a minimum. This project came about because my daughter Lydia is a huge fan of the show (particularly Cara played by Tabrett Bethell!) and wanted this costume for Halloween. Even though it's a rather large undertaking, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to work with her on it because it's one of the coolest costumes I've ever seen.

Lydia decided that she's part of a clan of Mord Sith that got tired of being bossed around and being mean so they went off to do their own thing - thus, they needed a new color!

Another option is to make it in white like the Mord Sith suit worn by Denna. This could be done in vinyl and stretchy catsuit fabric with white, silver, or gold grommets, but a dark red vinyl that resembles the actual Mord Sith costume is hard to come by so we chose black. Black will also be easier to keep clean, and black boots and gloves are more readily available and come in a variety of styles to suit your taste.

You might also use the instructions and templates with leather which would probably alleviate the need for added felt backing (though I love the red accents the felt provides.) I can also envision a futuristic Space Mord Sith wearing matte silver with black grommets/buckles and turquoise cord/felt.

It's such a unique costume and I'm hoping this tutorial provides some of its many fans with the inspiration to make their own version. My daughter is absolutely freaking out with this project and is already looking for events to wear it to!

I know the video is long, but it's a fairly labor intensive costume to make. I had thought about making it into a series with each piece being a separate video, but I think they should really be together in one place. I tried to condense it in thoughtful ways, but I do include alternate approaches to accommodate individual preferences, and I also make the occasional mistake.

If you decide to make this costume I recommend watching the entire video first - at the very least watch the "Afterthoughts" section because that was made after the costume had been worn and I had some slight revisions.

If you haven't seen Legend of the Seeker but you're interested in fantasy shows and costumes I'd recommend that you check it out - all the costumes (and sets) are beautifully done. Jane Holland was the costume designer for the show.


Tools and Materials:

* Additional info, all templates, and the list of tools/materials are in a zip file here:

You'll need:

Catsuit pattern

Sewing machine

Eyelet or grommet punch/press

Rotary cutter



Tape measure

Extra Fine Point permanent marker



Glue gun and glue sticks (optional)

Leather punch

Flat nose pliers

X-acto or utility knife

Disposable gloves (optional)

Drop cloth or newspaper

Seam ripper

Towel or small pillow

Small flat-tip screwdriver

Black fabric for catsuit

Black vinyl (we bought about 2.25 yards)

1 yard of premium red felt

Strong spray adhesive that works on fabric and vinyl

30 yards of 2mm red cord (in continuous lengths of 10 yards or more)

About 10 yards of 1.5mm red cord

Approximately 850 brass eyelets or grommets (we used 3/16 inch)

10-11 of 1 inch of “Double-Loop” antique brass buckles

A 1 inch “Single-Loop” antique brass buckle (optional)

A 1-1/4 inch antique brass ring

58 antique brass Flat Head Chicago Screws, 3/16 inch post

2 wooden napkin rings (inner diameter no larger than 1-1/4 inch)

2 wooden dowels - 12-15 inches in length each

24 inches of antique brass chain

3 piece antique brass buckle set

Scotch tape

Cord crimps (optional)

About 6 inches of 1 inch wide black elastic band

* You will also need gloves and boots to match your costume *


Thanks for watching and I hope you make a beautiful costume that you enjoy wearing!

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