Introduction: WIKarts: Create Necklaces With Vintage/Antique Keys

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Learn how to make necklaces using antique keys in conjunction with basic supplies like cord and jump rings!


Tools and Materials:

Key Necklace with Chicago Screws and Cord

- At least 3 keys - Chicago Screws - 1 more than the amount of keys you’re using - 2 pieces of approximately 18 inch cord (1mm to 2mm) - 2-hole button - Scissors - Screwdriver (optional)

Corded Key Necklace

- At least 3 keys - Approximately 36 inches of 1mm to 2mm cord - 2-hole button (optional) - Scissors

Double-Corded Key Necklace

- At least 3 keys - Approximately 48 inches of cord (1mm to 2mm) - Cord clasp (crimps, rings, clasp) or 2-hole button - Scissors - Flat-nose pliers (or other suitable pliers)

Chain Mail Key Necklace

- Any number of keys - I used 13 for this tutorial - 76 (or more/less) of 18 gauge 3/16 inch jump rings (opened) - 48 (or more/less) of 18 gauge 5/32 inch jump rings (closed) - Clasp with rings to connect to chain - 2 pairs of pliers (flat-nose and/or chain-nose work best)


Other supplies:

Here is the search I use on ebay for keys:

Pay attention to the condition - if there is too much corrosion I usually don't get them (unless the pattern of corrosion looks like it might be cool - sometimes the pitted keys look nice when polished but you never really know until you see them in person.)

Another place to find keys is at antique stores - particularly those antique shows where many vendors are at an event. The best deal I ever got on keys was at an outdoor show from a guy who had a whole box I could choose from.

Other types of keys to look for would be barrel keys, trunk keys, skate keys, clock keys, Scandinavian padlock keys, radiator keys... Basically anything with holes for connecting - there are a few modern key styles that have suitable holes as well, but I like the old ones. Old VW keys are pretty cool, but they're highly collectible so they'll cost more than your basic flat key.

Chicago screws used in this tutorial are here:

Flitz for cleaning keys may be available at your local hardware store - you can also get it on Amazon:

* Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed the tutorial!

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