Wart Removal - the Less Toxic Method




Introduction: Wart Removal - the Less Toxic Method

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Hello fellow warty folk.
This is a re working of my original wart removal, that although it was pretty quick, it was also pretty nasty - in my defence I had tried every wart remedy I could find and a few from the doctor.

This is Wart Removal 2016

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Step 1: Prep

Don't quite know how I even arrived here - but ya don't need much.

Micropore/small plaster etc
Astonish cooker and surface cleaner - - - - IT'S ASTONISHING!! - - sorry my sponsor made me say that
Small applicator like a match or tiny screwdriver

Step 2: Crazy Application

As I said - not quite sure how I got here - just kinda listened to the voices in my way to busy head.
First put a nice full blob of superglue onto the wart - covering it - don't worry about letting it dry
Second, using your applicator, take a dollop of Astonish - IT'S ASTONISHING - sorry - - - - - and place a dollop of that right on top of the wet S/G
Wrap with Micropore to stop any mess
Go about your daily life.
Leave the plaster etc on for as long as possible - I am nosey and kept checking every couple of hours and this still worked after re applying the goo.
Continue the steps daily - carefully removing the Astonish and S/G at the end of the day with water, soap or even a little oil rubbed in - to start with the glue will pick off ok and you'll be happy to whittle away at it, as the wart shrinks and the area becomes a scuff like wound the patch will become more delicate - cos it is getting better yaaaaaaayyyyy and blood is flowing into all of the skin

Step 3: Stages

Here are some pictures of the wart/wound as it healed - crazy thing - it took only about three days to say with confidence the wart had truly gone, the cool thing is, if it was not quite there - well!! just re apply the goo.
It seems the plan for success is to turn the wart into a wound - I always thought you where trying to get rid of the little black dots (some call them seeds) but that was not the case here, the area got kinda redder and more blood filled, but only like a scuff or scrape, the hard skin on the surface was possible to remove with a mild abrasive like sandpaper - but I think it would be shed naturally with washing.
The wart went quickly but the wound has taken a good five days to heal but now the skin is soft and there is no hardness under the skin, implying the wart is still lurking

Step 4: To Conclude

My last method got rid of that pesky wart for a good year - but the bugger, or one of his pals came back (that is why I used the photo from my first INST).

This method seems more gentle but takes a little longer - but ya know what, it is so easy to apply and live with that I don't think I am gonna bother about warts again - one shows up and I just break out the kit, couple of days later, all gone.

All the best - take care


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    5 Discussions


    4 years ago

    you can also use a small piece of cotton and dip it in some apple cider vinegar and apply it daily till the wart falls off


    4 years ago

    i remember i used to have a wart many years ago.i used to cut it off but it still came back.i started working for a wire company,it was my job to spoil copper wire on a machine and the tape it after.afte a while cant remember how long i realised it disapeared.the copper must kill them .


    Reply 4 years ago

    Very young kid, I had a wart on my forefinger, granny remembered an old world "cure", she took a penny- they were pure copper back in them days- and rubbed it on the wart and then threw the penny away down the street. I see now, she didn't get the whole story straight on how to go about practical wart removal using the dark arts, I can deduce from your post that intimate contact over a prolonged period is the key to success with this method. It wasn't a total loss for me though, a few days later I recovered the penny and bought candy with it- yep, there was indeed penny candy back then too. ☺


    Reply 4 years ago

    Yeah - I tried a method a little like that, by taping an old penny to the area - a bit like the Duct tape idea - tried to make it as air tight as possible etc, left it on for about a week - nada, bugger was happy as larry.
    I am glad this work type remedy worked for you - if the bleeder comes back then copper sounds like an area to investigate more - for both our sakes lets hope no more show up.
    Cheers for the post.
    All the best


    Reply 4 years ago

    good luck with it mate.hope it works.

    try bare copper cable .