GIANT 8-Bit Mario

Introduction: GIANT 8-Bit Mario

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This is how to make a giant wire stitched mario decoration made with wood squares.
It measures 29 1/" Tall x 22 1/8" Wide
This project is very tideous, and takes alot of patience and time.

Step 1: You Will Need:

You will need:
-3/8" wood
-Wooden block (to drill into)
-Spray Paint
-Sand Paper
-drill bit(small)

Using the table saw, cut strips of 3/8" wood, 1 7/8" wide, then cut them into squares
you will need 143 squares to make mario, making a couple extra never hurts
after sanding each ones edges you now have to
paint them as follows,
42-skin color

Step 2: Drill Holes

using a drill and really small bit, the same size as the wire you choose, drill your holes so they line up when you put the squares together

Step 3: Making U's

cut the wire into 2-3" sections bend them around the pliers making a U

put them through the holes

Step 4: Twist Together

using a drill twist the wire's together and cut down, bend over using pliers or hammer.

Step 5: Make Sections

I found it was easiest to make the sections corresponding to color, then you can easily put it all together after its all the sections are together

Step 6: Make Hanging Wire

Step 7: Cool Bonus Project

Using the piece of wood i drilled into, and all the bits of wire i cut, I put them in the holes and
whooa, pretty cool

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