Xenon XR-19 Side Arm (With Extendable Mag)




Introduction: Xenon XR-19 Side Arm (With Extendable Mag)

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This is my awesome new sidearm. Credit to TheDunkis for the trigger location. It has never before seen handle grip attachments. The last two images are of the extended mag



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    This is the perfect sidearm for me! POST OR ELSE CHUCK NORRIS WILL KILL YOU! jk

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    looks a bit like the mac 10 with the extended mag (dunno if it says that anywhere, i didnt read :p.... )

    Pretty cool. I also invented the angled handle. I might need to make a second side arm competition. One of the most decorated SA yet!

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    depends. I can't upload videos so chances are it will be here. Some people are reluctant to even join iby so that increases the chances further. I have to warn you though remember when you said the comment about the TDS2 not being good enough and said I should make the TDS3 a lot better? I did say that I wasn't making a TDS3 that I was making something different. Well I sort of half lied. I just got done making the TDSS a TDS mashed together with my slide action gun.

    ok. i apologise for saying what i said about the tds2. it is actually a good gun. i just said the bad things and not the good things about it. i am apologising because i dont want to turn into a oıpɐɹ ɾp (DJ Radio)

    cool. tell me when you post the tdss and/or post the contest. why cant you upload vids

    Well the camcorder I used for videos saves them as a file type not recognized at all on my computer or at least not as a media file so I need to use the software it comes with. It's like windows movie maker but in the end I can turn it into a media file that can be viewed as a video. Problem is my computer that has that program is infected and "quarantined" for now until we can get it fixed. My mom's computer doesn't have the program and I don't have the disk to install it again.

    what is the program called and what file extention does your camera use. i might be able to help


    they are identical to the tds2 because it has the same trigger. i say this because the trigger can only support a certain amount of pressure before it breaks. i will post instructions as soon as i get my new stash of knex this weekend