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Introduction: Zombie Finger Food Prop

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So when your walking around in your Zombie costume, you need to do something besides grunting and chasing screaming people, Here is a quick zombie prop, with some added gore for the fun of it!

You MUST look at the whole instructable.. I saved the BEST FOR LAST!!

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Step 1: Zombie Severed Hand

Picked these up at a gag shop, there a rubber severed hand filled with some foam, around $5 each

I decided that I would make them a bit more.... interactive... :)

Step 2: Sinew? Whats Sinew With You?

Again taking my favorite 3-d Blood effect Mehron 3D gel, and a boiling cup of hot water, I heated the gel, and then spread several strips of it on a table to make sinew, using a hot glue gun, and some red nail polish to make it a touch sturdier and give it more personality.

Step 3: Token Gore Shot

The stuff is really flexible, easy to glue on to skin using spirit gum, and REALLY GORY and effective

Step 4: Adding the Effect

I took the severed hand, slit open the hand where the 'blood trail' was, removed the foam stuffing.

Then layered the sinew over where the printed on blood trails where, used some rubber cement to make it more permanent..

Step 5: Piéce De Ré·sis·tancé

Then I cut a plastic bag to size, and filled it with string red string liquorice, I bunched 4-5 strands together, and yank it out with my mouth and proceed to eat it!

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