Attaching Dust Covers on Unicycle Cranks

Introduction: Attaching Dust Covers on Unicycle Cranks

As most unicyclists would know, the dust caps fall off the cranks very easily.

I ride a unicycle nearly everyday and it gets very annoying to keep going back to pick them up.

I have the solution, you have to remove the dust cap first and then put it on with a fastener.

Read on to find out how.

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Step 1: Removal

Remove the dust cap, my brothers Leatherman can opener was perfect for this.

You slide it between the cap and the crank and it should pop off.

Now we need some Blu-tac or Sugru.

Get a pea sized amount of Blu-tac and divide it in half.

Step 2: Placement of Blu-tac

Divide each half into three equal sized pieces, roll them like shown in the picture.

Now attach the Blu-tac onto the dust cap and replace onto the crank.

You will need to push this down rather firmly, it is a tight interference fit.

Now trim off the excess Blu-tac and you are done, your dust caps will never fall off again!

If I win the teach it contest I will post some photos of me on the unicycle so please vote, share and check out my other Instructables!

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