Bubble Wands




Introduction: Bubble Wands

I love bubbles they stay some kind of magic to me. I was blowing them one day in the garden during a semi photoshoot with my boyfriend. Than my mom came with this awesome idea, to make my own bubble wands form wire. I loved it and soon the rest of the afternoon was gone at making bubble wands :)
this is a nice project for all ages, blowing bubbles isn't immature at all ;)
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Step 1: Tools

you'll need:
- pliers
- wire
- bubble fluid

Step 2: Make the Shape

bend the wire with the pliers in the shape you wand, dip it in the soap and start blowing!
thats it.

Step 3: Meet Mine

1. flower
this one is actually not mine but Tim's.
special quality: looking cute
2. heart
this was the first one I made
special quality:  looking cute
3. spongebob flower
this one is because i cant make normal flowers, hehe
special quality:  looking cute
4. random shapes
this one is also the result of me not being able to concentrate long on something like a flower
special quality: making gathered bubbles
5. big loop
for the big bubbles, we reached a diameter of I guess 30 centimeters.
special quality: big bubbles
6. mr. bubbles
just because I like nice shapes.
special quality: for fun
7. umbrella
although blowing bubbles in the rain won't be a success a umbrella shaped one is cute too
special quality: looking cute

Step 4: Tips and Trics

-if your wands are to big for your tube you can fill a plate with soap water, to dip your sticks.

- you can make your own soap water by mixing some liquid soap with water.

- I saw on the Internet when I was looking of there already was a tutorial like this one, that someone els used small pipe cleaners so it soaks more liquid so you can blow more bubbles. I didn't tried this myself.

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