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Introduction: Coil Gun

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disclaimer: this is dangerous and involves high heat , voltage and some chemicals. proceed at your own risk. im not liable for any injury and only you can be held responsible for what you do.

ok now for the actual instuctable.

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what a coil gun is..

a coil gun is a gun that uses a elector magnet to fire a ferrous material buy pulsating the magnet to pull the material forward but not long enough to pull the material back to the center stopping the magnet from retracting the projectile. now the materials:

copper magnet winding wire

supper glue

nails cut to 12/16 in (ammo)

12 v dc power supply ( im using a psu from a old pc)

wood to make the handle

a momentary switch

wire (to make connections)

3 short wood screws(or more)

tape ( painters tape works well)

a small diode (if concerned about power supply putt in line with the coil)

now if your like me all of this should be laying around if not im guessing it shouldn't cost you more than 20 $.



soldiering iron





helping hands

wood working tools.

Step 1: The Coil

put a round object the size of your coil in the chuck of a drill

then wind winding wire around it

wrap in tape

drip glue through tube to hold it to its self

let dry

sand or burn the vinal of both ends of the wire

tin both ends with soldering iron

test with 12 volts dc (ac will not work)

Step 2: Electronics

there is a picture of the schematic.

+12--------->/ .--------------------------coil-------_ground


i dont.

just look at the pic not the text art.

note the picture of the competed circuit is a different one then in the final gun.

Step 3: The Actual Gun

build a body drill holes to run wires

add a barrel to insert the coil in to

add a button as a trigger

add diode if desired

Step 4: Final Thoughts

it only fires less than a foot.

giving it more than 12 v frys it

and it has a chance of shooting the round back at you( i added plastic shield to deflect the round to the side to eject like a casing.)

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