Funny Water and Brush Prank

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this is a funny prank that you can pull of on your friends and family.

please be warned that this prank will get your victim wet.

i tried it out on my sister and it worked plus it was super funny!!!

so lets get to it!!!

please vote for this in the april fools day contest. i am very grateful!!!

Step 1: What You Will Need

this prank requires few houshold items.
you will need:
a PLASTIC cup (plastic only, if its glass it will smash and harm our victim). any other object that can hold water and has a flat base woulf be fine.
a broom or any long object
a chair that you can stand on but a stool or somthing similar would work perfectly.
a few milimeters of water
and a victim!!!

Step 2: Setup

to setup the prank fill the plastic cup with water (the more water you add the wetter your victim will get!!!). now stand on the chair and hold the cup on the ceiling with the broom. (as shown below)

once you are setup move onto the next step.

Step 3: Grabing Your Victim (not Literly)

now call your victim and ask them if they could hold onto the brush for a second. as shown below.

once you have pursuaded them to do it move onto the next step.

Step 4: LEG IT!!!!

now step down from the chair and run away taking the chair or stool with you!!!

move onto the next step!!!

Step 5: Enjoy!!!

now watch and laugh at your victim who will be stuck!!! if they try to get away the brush will release the cup and they will get soaked!!!
have fun and remember to vote this april fools day!!!




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