IPad Headboard Boom - Revised

Introduction: IPad Headboard Boom - Revised

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Years ago I created the first iPad Headboard Boom. After some gnarly criticism from my mother, about the appearance of corrugated plastic base-plate, I decided to re-build the iPad Headboard Boom with PEG BOARD. It Worked out Great!!!

In summary, here is how to build your own iPad Headboard Boom:
Gather Materials:
(2) short lengths of 1"x4" approximately 12" long and 6" long
(1) 24" to 26" length of 2"x4"
(1) Shelf Bracket
(1) piece of S-Lock Metal 8" to 20"
(1) piece of PEG-BOARD, it doesn't need to be quite as big as your tablet
(1) bag of medium length zip-ties; you'll need 2-4
(1) Bungee Material (Craft Store Sewing Section or Triathlon Store Shoelace Section)
(1) Bungee Locking Button (comes with shoelaces at triathlon or running store.
(?) assorted screws
(1) Roll of Duck Tape (Why not?)

Grab Some Tools:
Saw, Drill, Driver, Wire Cutter or Knife, Straight Edge, Measuring Device, Pencil

Measure the thickness of your headboard so you'll know where to bend your S-Lock
Measure the height of your headboard, or more accurately, how far away it will be from your face.
You want to be able to touch it without sitting up.
If your head-board is "irregular" the S-Lock and Back-Plate might need to be customized to provide a secure, stable fit.
This 1x4 that holds the peg-board is cut at a 45 here. This angle might need to be changed if your head board is taller or shorter than ours.
If you think you might also "watch your phone" or other smaller device, the peg-board allows you to feed a bunch of extra bungee through the other holes to hold items of different sizes and shapes.

Step 2
Build the shelf-bracket part. I decided to leave a small gap between the 2x4 and 1x4 so that a zip-tie could be slid under the S-Lock so that when my mom comes over I can hang the Boom on a coat hanger in the closet. The back side of your vertical 1x4 should be smooth, sanded, and otherwise treated so that it doesn't damaged your head-board. I actually put a few pieces of duck tape on the back side of mine which made it nice and smooth.

Step 3
Bend the S-Lock so that you can get at least 2 screws in the 2x4 and 1 screw in the 1x4 (esp. if you want to be able to hang it).
Put the S-Lock where you want it, and hold the now assembled shelf-bracket-portion in place so you can mark, where your 3 holes need to be drilled into your S-Lock. The vertical part of your S-Lock might need to be shorten in order to easily install/remove your boom. You want the vertical piece, that points down behind the head-board to be long enough, so that when it hits the wall nothing sketchy happens to the forces being placed on the S-Lock. I wrapped the bottom of the S-Lock in duck tape to avoid scratching the wall or damaging the head-board during use.

Step 4
Now that your foundation is all set, decide the best angle/length/configuration for the the viewing angle and arm length situation you want. Attach your 1x4 as desired.

Step 5
Zip-Tie your peg-board as desired taking into account that you need to be able to operate your bungee.

Step 6
Put some small screws under each of the zip-ties to avoid slippage, and run your bungee. It may take a few tries to get it right. Once you get the bungee right you'll probably never need to adjust the tension.

Step 7
Enjoy your work. Good Job.

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