Knex Assault Rifle

Knex assault rifle



This is my first Knex gun that I have published so it might have a few minor problems but nothing big. If you know of any ways to improve my gun i.e. power, accuracy, strength ore attachments pleas let me know.


What this gun does

1: shoots at a medium range

2: accurate at about 10 meters

3: one of the attachments is a grip at the front of the gun to enable you to have more control of the gun

4: it also has a scope mounted at the top of the gun for better accuracy

5: one of the other perks of this gun that stands out Frome the rest is its ammo capacity as it can easily hold 20-30 rounds a mag .and a good thing about the mag is it is easily detachable

6: my favourite part of the gun is an attachment at the bottom of the gun that has a one round shot for emergence which looks like a grenade launcher so that is always a plus

plz rate thanks and also try and check out my new crossbow and bolt at



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Step 1: Layer 1

This is the first layer of the gun .All you have got to do is copy the images

Step 2: Second Layer

copy the image

Step 3: Layer Three

copy the image

Step 4: Gun Protection

copy the image

Step 5: Loading the Gun

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    16 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    You asked For a comment so here it is. the Gun looks good for a first attempt (better than my first!) as said already . However the mag. capacity is nothing special as many people only have to extend their length but choose not to cos it looks ridiculous with the pusher in it as well. Rated it 4 stars. just have another go at making a unique mechanism. Good Luck!

    1 reply

    7 years ago on Introduction

    i'll have to agree with what most people said already. it's ok for a first, but this type of gun has been around for ages, it is way overused, it is way outdated, it is way perfected and it is very bad compared to some of the stuff we have today. i don't have much more to add except for the stuff you've already heard from beanieostrich and other guys here. to quickly say the important things in my view, make a better more comfortable handle, make a shorter magazine, perhaps try making it bolt action, make a better trigger, drop the foregrip and "grenade launcher", the gun is fine as it is, and try adding an accurate front sight. this gun could never be that good, but these are some tips for improving it so you can get better and perhaps learn a few things on your way.

    1 reply

    No offense bro, but your gun could be much better. Try a removable, shorter mag. And don't use that trigger mechanism, it's been used in about 439,388,002 other knex guns. I also fail to see how this can shoot more than 25ft with the massive friction coming from the over-sized mag between the firing pin and the ammo. One other thing, try to add a pin-guide.

    3 replies

    thanks for your comment and what mag would you recondmend and i know about the triger i just dont know what to replace it any idear ?
    and the handle isnot as bad as it looks


    7 years ago on Step 4

    I would also try a different handle if I were you. That connection looks weak to me.