Knex Ball Machine Smool III




Introduction: Knex Ball Machine Smool III

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Sorry about the confusion, I accendentally posteed this twice on youtube, and deleted the one wich i linked to instructables.... oops.
anyway, here it is, my third vid. my goal for this one was to compact it as much as possible, fitting as much as i could into a small space. hope you enjoy



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    dude its amazing"!!!---- please please make an instructable¬!!!!!!!!

    WOW! I love ball machines that are very sturdy and don't shake and this is definitely one of them. I love the new elements that you designed. Could you take some clear pictures of them or make an instructable?

    Once again great job. When did you start this?

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    Blaster and temple of demise can. My current project can but I won't be able to soon. *hint hint* ;-)

    This will be my largest project ever. That's the only thing I'm saying. ;-)

    How did we start talking about smool and then end up talking about something that no one's seen yet. Conversations can change so easily.

    LOL Once a friend of mine and myself were talking about a video game and we ended up talking about doing skateboard tricks off the empire state building. :-P

    As in so far Ican hold it with my pinky but soon I won't be able to.