Knex Man Motorcycle Transformer




i did this about 2 weeks ago it looks more like a chopper bike but you be the judge

like i start all my transformers withe a knex man

this one was very neat it looks like the one on the second movie 

Step 1: Knex Man Bike Step 1

Step 2: Knex Man Bike Step 2

armor for the knex man bike

Step 3: Knex Man Bike Step 3

this is the back wheel and how it well go on

Step 4: Knex Man Bike Step 4

after this step your ready to transform it into the motorcycle

Step 5: Knex Man Transforms Into Motorcycle

first you take the back wheel push it over the gray so the the wheel can move

put his feet on the sides on the white so the wheel cant move side to side
for the front wheel just make it come out so far so it looks good

his arms are to fold down to look like the front frame of the bike to also look good

Step 6: Knex Man Robot

this transformer has one problem when you transform it you well see its top heavy so you have to leave the back wheel down or leave it with the legs on the wheel



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    5 years ago

    Is there a way to make with your all Knex man?


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I like it but what I noticed with (almost) all of your instructables is that the pics are really hard to see.... Maybe you should take pictures in a somewhat lighter conditions. Like in the morning or the curtains opened=D. Or just use a flash. Hope that would work, and keep up the good work