Knex Mg by Combatknex





Introduction: Knex Mg by Combatknex

knex machine gun...........STOP STARING AT ME ............. TO MUUCH P-P-P-PRESSURE!!!!!!!!! any way yeah 16 shots motorized lahdie dahdie dah i farted.

Step 1: Middle Part of Gun

well i cant take many pictures so try ur best sorry

Step 2: Front and Base

once again not alot of pictures so try your best!

Step 3: Back Part (easiest Step)

well this part is the back part with a motor connected

Step 4: Putting It All Together

well should be pretty easy by pictures

Step 5: 2 Things I Forgot

i forgot the hande and the thing you push to fire



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    its cool and all but ive seen this way too many times but still 5 stars

    5 stars. I finally made one of your guns... I had to substitude a tonne of pieces for reds but I made it. My motor has very little torque though, so the way I start it is by turning on the motor, spinning the guns with my hand to get it rotating, and then use the trigger thing while it's still moving fast.

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