Knex Pump Shotgun With Mag




Introduction: Knex Pump Shotgun With Mag

Knex pump action shotgun
uses trigger system that can handle high loads
draw length is the entire length of a black rod, firing pin is black rod + yellow connector
I'm not sure but as far as iknow, i think that this is the farthest shooting gun of its kind

shoots 120 ft +, the only limiting factor is the strength of your arm to pull back the rubberbands.
pump action
10 round mag
shoots blue rod withred connector
uses several (3) cut peices
hurts to much to shoot other people with
this is my first instrucable so any feedback woud be appreciated.



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    seems like it works, you know, but not very good, and also, it looks really bad. it's enormous and built very messy. if you're working on it, try to make it look better and slim it down.

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    I understand that someone as accomplished in knex building such as urself would expect great looks as well as great performance in a knex gun. I myself have only made 2 knex guns and at this point I am focusing on performance and optimizing the mech to allow for the greatest possible pin draw and band strength. I'm not really concerned about cosmetics at this point. The reason y its so bulky is cause of the ammo I chose (red connector and blue rod), and the type of pump I used. I could have easily made a much slimmer and better looking gun using different ammo and a different pump, but I figured I would try and make something original, even if it doesn't look the best.

    alright, that's a legitimate reason. for a first (or second) gun it's actually quite good (i didn't notice it was your first 'ible, sorry). trying to make something original instead of remaking something existing is a very good logic, and i like it. i suppose you didn't see the older guns of this type, but this type of pump has been done before. and about the magazine, it's an oodammo type mag (look it up, maybe TheDunkis' profile can help you), which is a common magazine type that can be done a lot smaller. anyway, keep trying to make new stuff, but at the same time try to make it look good and small. for example, look at my recent project, my S3. it is a concept gun that oblivitus and i have been trying to do for a few years now, and the last stable version before my amazing 5 layer gun was an 18 layer gun with a massive design. thanks to a lot of work and thought, i have managed to make it finally so small. bear it in mind.

    Wow that Certainly is impressive considering the very short distance the firing pin travels. I also know the feeling of constantly improving a unfamiliar concept. Before I found this sight I worked for months trying to make a gun with a magazine even work. Took me almost a dozen tries. Now that I have been enlightened by your work and the innovation of other knexers I am working on a new concept as well. I am currently on version 4. Its a slingshot repeater that loads just like a real shotgun with a magazine beneath the barrel and will hopefully look like a spas. Just like yours, its getting smaller each time.

    cool. is the band manually loaded or pump loaded (or something else...)? to clarify, i mean do you have to pull back the band with your hands or is there a mechanism to pull it back easier? also, is it an open top slingshot with the band on top, or one with a band in the middle? anyway, that's great, and i'd like to see it. the magazine idea sounds cool (it's called a horizontal mag, just to let you know), and i hope to see you pull it off. if you do make the band load with a pump mechanism, you should try to get the pump to also release one bullet each time for a bolt action like quality. it would be hard, but it would make it that much cooler. good luck, and i hope to see it soon.

    The band is indeed loaded via a pump. It is also an open top, at least partially. The trigger mechanism needed to be mounted on the top half of the barrel so the magazine could function properly. It also helped add to the spas look. The magazine is just like a real shotguns, even the way you load it. When you push the ammo in (grey connector + white rod + orange connector), a ratchet type thing catches on the bump where the grey and white connectors join, preventing the ammo from being pushed back out of the bag. When u pull the pump back, the pump briefly releases that ratchet allowing one bullet to be passed into a space directly below the "chamber". I'm still working on how it then gets pushed up, but I thing it'll be a plunger that gets pulled down as the pump is pulled back to allow the bullet to go below the chamber and then released as the pump is pushed forward, pushing the bullet into firing position. In my mind, it works, but I haven't had enough time to finish it all for real yet.

    that sounds excellent, and it might get some excellent reviews. think about making a small top for the barrel, because open top slingshots are way less accurate and are also a bit less controllable. add a stock to it if you haven't, because, at least from my experience, pump actions are a LOT easier to handle with a stock rather than without one. anyway, i hope to see it working soon. btw, how thick is it? and is it a clean smooth design on the sides (for clarification, this gun isn't clean at all)?

    The barrel is 3 layers, connected with a white rod. The pump fits right over it, making it 7 layers thick.

    k thats a decent thickness, especially for pump actions. but will it have all these things sticking out of it like the front of this gun?

    Hopefully not, I started completely from scratch, it doesn't resemble my previous gun at all. I agree with you that that gun left a lot of room for improvement. I decided it was beyond hope of repair so I scrapped it.

    Hey, me too. I don't know if you would want to build it tho. I had to sand down a bunch of prices in order to make it slide smoothly. If you are willing to sand about 1mm off about 12 blue pieces and round off a few yellow connectors , then I would b glad to post.

    Check your range. Guns of this kind can't get 120 feet. So that's a functioning pump right? Pretty good for your first post.

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    Thanks. I understand the speculation about the range, the only way I could get that distance is if I stretched the rubber bands to the limit, they broke after about 5 shots and I could tell that the pin was at its limit. I didn't actually measure the distance, but I'm sure I got at least 80-90 ft, and I think I can still get a bit more,

    Thanks. I understand the speculation about the range, the only way I could get that distance is if I stretched the rubber bands to the limit, they broke after about 5 shots and I could tell that the pin was at its limit. I didn't actually measure the distance, but I'm sure I got at least 80-90 ft, and I think I can still get a bit more,

    It doesnt really matter which way a gun is loaded or what action it uses only the distance the firing pin travels and how many rubber bands it can hold without breaking.