Knex Transformer Instructions





Introduction: Knex Transformer Instructions

here they are..

add an comment and rate please :D

Step 1: Making the Legs

just follow the steps, easy..

Step 2: Making the Arms

short and easy step!

Step 3: Making the Body, Part 1


Step 4: Making the Body Part 2


Step 5: The Cannon and Making the Robot

follow the steps !



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    27 Discussions

    wicked! but you should made the cannon go on the side of the shoulder to shot stuff

    It doest roll make it roll your instructions could have better pictures

    here its cool but the arms are crap and just hang out from the sides it looks wierd

    Cool! I gave it 4 stars only because it doesn't do much, and I think it should have more detail.

    i think about 30cm, I just bought a new Xbox so I game allot now :) 

    but I wil make another one today, well I will try to.

    what kind of a knex transformer
           thank you for trying to make another one because i'm a huge transformer fan and I like building stuff.

    I´m sorry :( i tryed to make one but it was difficult... so i made a guitar(same size as my real one, 6 strings... everything!)

    I´ll post some pictures later.