Kriss Smg

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this is my fourth instructable the kriss, i wasnt going to post but a few people asked so lets get started WARNING: THIS USES TWO DECAPITATED GREYS :WARNING

sorry about crappy intro pictures they get better :P

Step 1: Handle,trigger and Firing Mech

well this step shows you how to make all the things in the name

Step 2: The Barrel, Mag and the Thing That Covers the Mag to Make It Look Real

the innards of the gun, i bet some one could mod the top of the mag and if you do please show

Step 3: The Front of the Gun and the Secondry Handle

this basicly means 'FAKE BARREL TIME'

Step 4: Stock and Rail

the stock



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    9 years ago on Introduction

     Im making my own version ATM. The front, top and stock aren't done yet  but here's a pic right now. It uses the mech from DutchJ's assault rifle.

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    actually, the vector was made about a year after the kriss, but since it was such a short time span, people consider them the same gun

    oh i believe you. im a history nut so im kinda geeky about this kinda stuff. someone should try to make a m1 garand with grenade launcher

     Hmm... I might post it. it's just about finished anyway. I'll post a sideshow first to see hat people think of it.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I never knew you posted this. I got 28 feet with 2 #64s. 5*, plus a fave.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    or the bullet goes automatically in the barrel to be shot?(like most weapons with mag)i think so,there are no powerfull fully auto reloading,recharghing,re-anything else- built yet :(