Minecraft- Instructables Robot

instructables robot built in minecraft.

here is how i built this:

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Step 1: Start

1. build a circle using coal blocks.

2. build another circle.

3. fill them with coal and quartz blocks.

Step 2: Legs

1. make outline for legs using coal blocks.

2. fill them with yellow wool as shown in pictures above.

3. fill the lines using coal blocks.

Step 3: Torso- Base

1. build a ramp for torso base using coal blocks.

2. go ahead as shown in picture two above. fill with yellow wool.

3. make five circles using coal blocks.

Step 4: Torso

1. as shown in the picture one above. build the torso outline first, using coal blocks and fill with gold blocks.

2. now make three circles and fill them with clay blocks.

Step 5: Arms & Hands

1. build the arms using coal blocks and fill them with yellow wool.

2. now fill the fingers using clay blocks.

Step 6: Head

1. make an outline for head using coal blocks.

2. fill them with yellow wool blocks.

3. make eyes and ears using red blocks.

4. build antennas.

and its done.

thanx a lot for reading.... :)

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    I like this. If the robot's made of yellow wool blocks, does that make him a Wooly Roblockamus?