My New Knex Tomahawk!!!


Introduction: My New Knex Tomahawk!!!

About: hi! i love knex :D i love cats with snipers too :D

this is my new knex tomahawk!! its not so strong at al, but its just for looking.... my brother plays with this :D one time he throwed this thing to my mom! XD i've make a instruction of it...

1x light gray(two ways)
2x red(three ways)
4x orange
4x snowflake(eight ways)

12x red
2x green
4x bendy yellow

pic 4: make this.
pic 5: attach the 4 red rods.
pic 6: make this again.
pic 7: attach.
pic 8: attach the two orange.
pic 9: attach this.
pic 10: put it together.
pic 11: attach the orange and the bendy yellow.
pic 12: attach the two red con. and a bendy yellow.
pic 13: attach the last thing.



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    this is my new knex tomahawk, i modded it!!

    hey there, i had a little break, but now i'm back. my new knex tomahawk is coming out today or tomorrow, so check it out..

    It doesn't look to bad, but seems really weak. Maybe change the handle a bit, but keep the blade soft, so you can still hit stuff with it?

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