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Introduction: Glitter Christmas Acrylic Nails

Okay so please be kind to me this is my first instructable .I am a licensed nail tech and also I'm very fond of instructables so I would like to show you how to create a perfect smile line christmas glitter acrylic full set.

Normally I would employ somebody to be a model for this but we have a blizzard going on and nobody will come out of their house except for me. Also I would like to say that you don't have to be really great at acrylics to create this type. Although you should have some general knowledge and have already played around with acrylics at home to achieve optimal results.

1. white buffing block
2. 180/100 grit file
3. nail glue
4. clear tips
5. acrylic powder (clear ) acrylic liquid and primer if needed .
6. acrylic brush
7. glass holder for liquid
8. pst or paper towel
9. glitter
10. cuticle pusher and nail clippers
11. top coat
12. nail oil or lotion
13. a lot of patience

also I assume no responsibility for anything ever ;)

Step 1: Naked Nails Nail Prep

Step 1. You want to remove the shine from your nails. You can either do this using a white buffing block or 180 grit nail file or get creative and use something else. Step 2 file edges and clip nails 2 easy length for applying tips. Next you want to remove the dust you can pretty much do this with anything well paper towel old toothbrush ECT. Step 3 this is where I will push back my cuticles although some people prefer to do that before removing the shine. I do it so that I can tell the difference between the new nail that has been sitting under the skin. You want to keep the acrylic when placed ,away from the shiny new portion of nail. When acrylic is placed on this area of new nail it can be prone to lifting.

Step 2: Applying a Tip

Okay I don't know what step we are on but here's what comes next.
Applying the tip, I chose to use clear tips for my glitter acrylics. Its important to make sure when applying you use the correct size it should fit literally like a glove. Check both sides to make sure the tip doesn't go over the natural nail sides . Sorry that I couldnt provide pictures for this but like I stated earlier I was by myself. It also important to make sure that it is not too tight creating un necessary pressure that could later cause the nailtip to move away from the natural nail.

This is a fast-drying glue but one that I recommend and should be available at any beauty supply store even ones open to the public. When applying the glue make sure that you put a small bead in the well or divit on the underside of the tip. Use your glue tip to move the glue from one side to the other. This ensures even coverage when placing the tip on the nail. When applying tips the correct place to apply pressure is where the well meet the edge of the natural nail.
You should only have to apply pressure for a few seconds and you will see the glue spreading evenly over the nail. This is an indicator of a good bond.

Because I'm a nailtech I have access to nail clippers for tipsat reasonable cost...:/ . You can use those but I've noticed they are pretty pricey in beauty supply stores open to the public. A good pair of nail clippers will do the job clip one side to the middle and then the other. In a pinch you can use scissors but you may bend and stress the tip so be careful when doing that.

Clip to your desired length although depending on how long your natural nail bed is when applying a new full set length: should be proportional 2 ensure les breakage in the future.

At this point I choose to square off and around the sharp corners of the tip . I don't like the sharp corners catching me well I continue the full set. This can be done at the end of the service.
I also lightly buff where the tip meet the natural nail. This helps reduce the possibility the tip will show through the pink area and also remove any glue from the natural nail that could cause lifting.

Step 3: Let's Talk Product and Brushes

I have shown in the top corner two types of brushes. 1 is an actual acrylic brush the 1 with the natural handle. The second 1 is a sable art brush from michaels either will work. The difference between the 2 is that the actual acrylic brush can hold more monomer ie the liquid stuff. The brushes made to load the acrylic if necessary, the art brush will hold less liquid but typically tend to be more crisp . I switch between the two depending on the application. Please notice how I am using square brushes. I choose to use square because I feel I have more control of the product and tend to stay away from the brushes that are round at the base and pointy at the top this is a personal preference.


Pictured here is different types of monomer (the liquid )and polymer I think ... it's been years since I went to school, we all just call it powder. For these nails you will need a clear powder. Any system will work the beauty stores sell many types of acrylic system. Be sure to check and see if your system requires primer. If you require primer you should apply the primer and typically wait until it's slightly chalky. Some primers do not dry chalky this will be up to you to figure out. If you have to use a primer I suggest" no lift nails"primer. I am using CND retention and it does not require primer. I know that you can probably not get this at a local beauty supply store open to the public. I have found that placedis like Amazon and eBay do carry this line. It's slightly expensive but I believe the best in the industry.

Step 4: Application

Okay you have your powder your liquid and possibly your primer you also have your brushes and files and a paper towel or PST for wiping excessive liquid and acrylic,let's begin. If you need to use your primer now is the time to do it. Make sure when applying primer on a nail with a tip that you try not to touch the tip with the primer les is more in this case.
Next you'll want to take your brush and submerge it in monomer you want to be able to push it to the bottom and swish to remove any air trapped in your bristles. As you pull the brush out of your container wipe on the side .
The secret to getting a good consistency between liquid and powder is using your brush as you wipe up the side to decide how much liquid will stay in it. For example if you are doing a pinky you want to use a small amount of liquid to place your bead so you would almost drained all the liquid out of your brush. If you are experiencing a very runny beads try taking the back of your brush after picking up powder and placing it against a paper towel. This reduces the amount of liquid in the bead before place on the nail and allows for better handling of the acrylic.

Next you want to take the bead and place it near where the tip and natural nail come together. It should stay but not be so dry there is loose powder. It should appear glossy and slightly wet. The idea behind using this technique is that you are placing your smile line backwards rather than carving it out you are creating an edge to push against. Smile lines can be created either way and I can do both but choose this method when doing my own nails. It always turns out clean especially with glitter .

Continue to do this with the rest of your nails always check down the barrel of the nail in the middle and on both sides to ensure that there is even coverage of acrylic so down the barrel check from the left check from the right and the top. Once you've completed this on the last nail the first nail should be dry. Here's where you want to take your hundred eighty /hundred grit file and file around the smile line this cleans it up. You can also go over the top if you have lumps in your clear try not to over file as this can cause lifting later if you look from the side you should have a nice c curve. Make sure when placing your bead that you're staying away from the new area of nail where you pushed your cuticle back from. After filing all of your smile lines it's now time to mix your glitter and clear acrylic.

Step 5: Application Part 2

After you have filed you will want to mix your glitter with clear acrylic. I chose to do my Christmas nails in a green and red chunky glitter. This is loose glitter purchased at a local craft shop. You can pretty much use any glitter you have lying around it can be chunky all the way to very very fine. The finer that it is the more you will want your ratio of powder to glitter to move towards a one to one. Because I used chunky glitter I mixed my ratio at 1 glitter to 3 clear powder. once it is mixed you will want to apply it starting at the same area where the tip meets the pinkarea. You will want to make sure you apply it with a little bit less the needed for the top. After you applied at you will be encapsulateing the glitter in clear so that you don't LOSE the color when filing over the top. This is why it is applied THIN, you don't want to make your nail too chunky with glitter.. Yes I use the word chunky quite a bit. After you applied your glitter to all nail tips you want to go back through and apply a small bead directly in between where you're glitter and pink area meet this will create that c curve over the top of the nail that allows for strength. Also it ensures that your glitter will stay the color you intended when you file over the top to create a smooth finish.

Step 6: File Buffing Top Coat

Okay so you are still with me and we are now going to file file file I typically start at the front edge of the nail I chose to make mine squaree you can make yours whatever you want obviously.I angle my file against each side of the free edge and move towards the intersection of the pink this gives a nice square finish. Sorry I don't have any pictures I can't file and take them at the same time . Next I take my hundred 80 grit and go over the top of my nails until they are nice and round and even. The more you have checked your nails during application down the barrel and side to side the lessfiling you will have to do. Finally add some lotion or nail or oil to your nails and use your white Buff block until they are smooth. Wash hands and polish with a clear coat. If you have any questions feel free to ask I will do my best to answer them and thanks for checking out my instructable. Happy holidays.

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