No More Pee in Your Gardens.

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Intro: No More Pee in Your Gardens.

dogs tend to pee in your gardens and on your grass all the time, pee and poo is like a poison for plants....if you have five dogs like me you have a lot of plants,fruit trees,vegies,and delicate flowers that are in need of protection.

dogs sniff the ground too be sure no one els has gone there and peed,if they have they will pee there. or they will just pee to pee.if you do this method you will no longer have this problem.

you need:
cayene pepper,
and a spray bottle.

first in a large spray bottle add 4 cups of warm water,...then add 1/4 a cup of cayene pepper. close the bottle then shake for 30 sec.

now spray the solution on the ground around the plant and some on the leaves. you will need to apply every oter day.

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