No Rubber Bands Knex Grenade Launcher




Intro: No Rubber Bands Knex Grenade Launcher

this is a grenade launcher that i have been wanting to post for a long time. i built it by strapping random parts to an old base i salvaged from an older knex gun model. i like to call it the TPC launcher from the conduit for wii, because it works just like it

-no rubber bands
-easy to load
-medium range
-rifle grip
-true trigger
-fun to fire
-automatically fires at a 45 degree angle
-very sturdy
-easy to attach a shoulder strap

-a bit clumsy
-the gun bends a little when you load (but i think that adds extra power)
-because it lobs grenades, the accuracy inst too great
-no sights:(

if you want me to post this gun, or the sword in the last picture. leave a comment saying so. and please take the time to rate the gun, it really helps.



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