Paracord Key Fobs

Introduction: Paracord Key Fobs

I have just started with paracord, and I found this, but diferent, so I thought I would put my own twist, and this way was born.

Step 1: Start

just fold on piece of para cord about the length you want the fob, and about 15 cm of another cord below it- leave a bit for the bit to hang it on. If you're American , I apoligise- I am British; so I use the metric system.

Step 2: First Not

the next steps are quite visual , so just do what I have done, then tighten; leaving a bit left at the top.

Step 3: 2nd Not

pretty much just reverse the last not like I have done and should have a triangle shape.

Step 4: Repeat

repeat until a suitable size.

Step 5: Cut and Singe

just cut of the loose ends, singe them and stick it on. then the fobs is complete.

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    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Agreed! Nice project to do when suffering from boredom!