Knex Flower Pot Holder




This is a cool little plant holder!! it is my original idea. Hope you like it!! :):):)

Step 1: Pieces

Step 2: Bottom Base

Step 3: Putting on White Pieces

Step 4: Putting on Middle

Step 5: Top Part

Step 6: Putting White Pieces on It

Step 7: Putting in Middle

Step 8: And This It What You Got.

Step 9: Putting in Blue Pieces

Step 10: Adding Yellow Pieces.

Step 11: Making Middle Part.

Step 12: Add Middle Part.

Step 13: Putting Top On.

Step 14: Put Yellow Pieces on Back.

Step 15: Then Put the Red Pieces on the Yellow Ones.

Step 16: Then You Put the Last Blue Piece on the Red.

Step 17: And Your Done!! You Can Put Any Kind of Small Plant on This. I Put My Cactus on It. and You Can Adjust the Back of It to the Size of Your Plat Pot So It Won't Fall Off.



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Nice but you should really delete the empty steps - they are not necessary. Also you should try to condense the steps by adding more pictures to one step. Overall, good job for a first.

    3 replies

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    No you were not harsh!:):) you actually Helped me! And I am working on a catapult. There will be more pictures it!:-)