Spinner Motorizer Homemade




Introduction: Spinner Motorizer Homemade

About: the a b c approach is not for me .all feedback welcome. thanks for looking. if you would like some assistance or are interested in purchasing something don't be a stranger .

under construction

goes from half second to 10 second exposure. i finished this shortly after lomo released their official one for silly money, they went wireless, i went adjustable.

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Step 1: You Get the Idea.

lead for stability, 10 battery's, can use ac adapter, went for a slider pot insted of rotary, remote control is from part of zenit shutter and car phone charger. rubber band drive pully made by friend with access to lathe, i tried a diy but it was a bit naff.

Step 2:

early prototype tried adding a light but it was most ineffective, the project was shelved for a while 23march 2011. incidently having batterys on top and light on front balenced well so high speed could be used

Step 3: What the Spinner Does

first image 10 second exposure caught the entire blackwall tunnel
second image turning slowly by hand not the smoothest action hense iffy exposure values
third image normal use but then polar coordinated in photoshop (thats an instructable in itself, im meaning to show a good technique at some point)

Step 4: Loosen This Screw to Get Handel Off

Step 5: Get Sizes Right

the pully wheel, and the flat side spindel
t tried modifying an existing plastic pully wheel from a sash window (size close)attached to nut and bolt put in power drill and file, went a bit oval so i got al at the toolmaking department to adjust a al-u-min-ni,um cam belt pully (also from mfa, was part of the 1st prototype)
i got the flat sided spindel a bit wrong permanent attached to gears so a screw in base of spinny bit keeps it level

Step 6: Sockets for Remote and External Power

best not mix em up think i got the jack socket cut off terminal right, normaly used to cut speaker on audio devices when headphoning

Step 7: Speed Range

         rpm devided by 60
approximate (changes) length of 360 photo neg devided by width of image slot

think this is formula i used, i just wanted a rougth idea what to engrave on the box

Step 8: The Box

its a money box the slot came in handy ,needed lengthening to accomodate slide resistor

Step 9: I Bought the Gearbosx From Mfa 3000:1 Ratio

they got website, they hour drive from me,they in big black barn with shouty dog, i wanted to get touchey feeley with the products, quality box forget the price 4.5v to 15v ,i took plastic cover off to help fit and i like the look

Step 10: Pwm Speed Regulator

parrently better than just a pot, it uses a chip and pot , i swaped the twisty type with slidey type, then i thought can it go slower, so i pot random resistor in series used switch to cut it in out circit to maximise speed range

Step 11: Slider Does Same Thing As Twisty ,

3 wires used meter to figer out

Step 12: Some Wires to Connect Everything

Step 13: 15volts Worth of Batterys and Some Lead to Keep It Steady

well i had to use the lead for somin

Step 14: Nice Gears


Step 15: Super Pully

its epoxted to the box and the gearbox pully goes through the middle, can you see the leveling screw mentiond elsewhere

Step 16: The Slot

just incase you were wondering what i was on about

Step 17: The Light Component Remains From Prototype 1

maybe one day....

Step 18: And of Corse the Remote Control

with a 3.5 to 2.5 jack adapter i could use the one from my canon dslr! ha,

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    6 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    These are mods I've been thinking of doing with my Lomo Spinner - More information please!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    added some in no particular order hope its of some good ,let me know, its a shame lomo didnt do a better job of their own one , i did suggest to them.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Brilliant, thanks!
    I think the official Lomo Motorizer rotates too slowly, and is too expensive to justify purchasing it, and I'm glad I didn't get the Motorizer when I bought my Spinner.
    Unfortunately I've had few problems at airport security, as the original handle has a metal rod right down the centre, which shows up on the X-ray machines.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    glad u like..think i paid a total of about £40 for the parts,my prototype used a cheap gearbox and was not up to the task ,tho it was badky mounted. wonder how security would react to a locked metal box full of wires switches batterys mechanics and lumps of lead,.with a remote wire. kriptonite?

    I'm intrigued, but I don't totally understand what this does. it takes photos?


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    oh my its late..yes it does ,it goes round . scans onto the film like old digi cams did, of like a flatbed scanner sept it goes round, oh my its late, some sampels