Tangy Jaljeera

Intro: Tangy Jaljeera

jaljira is a drink made of mostly mint leaves or "pudina" in hindi
it is very refreshing in the summer
now i share with you how to make jaljira

Pudina or mint leaves
jeera powder or cumin seed powder
last but not the least kala namak or black salt (normal salt will do but with black salt it tastes much better)

Step 1: Crushing

grind the leaves in a grinder but dont add any salt

Step 2: Liquification

add water,lime and jeera to the crushed leaves

Step 3: Salting the Shrew

add salt
it should be just enough so that you can taste all the ingredients
hope you like it
please vote and enjoy



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Nice! Really tangy!
    You can use the Windows Photo viewer to rotate the images.