Introduction: Install a Cigarette Lighter on Computer

my last instructable on computer case mod cooling fans i posted a photo of my towers face and got a comment on the cig lighter , so to make it even easyer I went and thrashed another computer ,No I dont smoke in the office but some of my gear recharges only from a car cig lighter. Also it is very easy to reach unlike the power strip on the floor under the desk :(
some photos will be replaced soon,i know how they look.

Step 1: Get Parts and Tools

radio shack had the molex jumper that i cut in two 3.99
could swipe one off an old computer power supply
advance auto parts had a compleat cig lighter for 3.79
also an ATC inline fuse for 1.98
for a total cost of 9.76
spade drill bit 7/8" (22mm)
some heat shrink tubing 3/16
2 spade female terminal ends
1 butt splice

Step 2: Setting Up

Pry out the 5.25" faceplate.
I mounted it in the center,using the rule i penciled an X on inside.
slowly drill into the face plate when have a nice grove cut with the bit stop turn it over,and drill it through from the front. this will keep the bit from tearing the soft plastic

Step 3: Mount & Wire

Yellow wire and the closest black are 12VDC positive and the ground ( earth )
The molex connector yellow (orange) goes to ATX fuse
Black goes to ground
Red and other black are tucked into a short piece of shrink tubing to make sure they dont short out.

Step 4: Installing

From the power supply find an open molex connector.
snap in the face plate and connect it to the power supply.

Step 5: Lastly

The ATX fuse holder came with a 30 amp in it would rather see a 5 amp
This can be done without turning off power
It took me less than 20 min to do entire install.