Introduction: Knex Bulldozer (instructions)

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hi guys this is the instructions for my knex bulldozer hope you like it and please comment.also some credit to imperer for the steering he made for front wheels.i changed it quite abit to make it  rear wheel steering and also added a mechanism to it but his steering did help me a little so thanks to him.

This instructable is is about 63cm long which is just over 2ft .the widest point is about 28 cm which is just under 1ft. the highest point is about 25cm high which is not that far under 1ft either.
this is just to give you an idea of how big is is before you decide to make it or not.

one of the best feautures on it is that i made a handbrake system going from the back to the front on a hindge which is pretty cool.also the back opens up and obviously the scoop goes up and down and pivots also.  

Step 1: Back Part,steering and Handbrake

Step 2: Front Part,handbrake and Scoop