Introduction: Knex Claw Machine [first on Site] That Has Instructans

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hello i was reading questions and found one about claw machines so here we go there will be no video

Step 1: Sorry No Parts List


Step 2: Bace

Step 3: Adding a Level

just the #2 level

Step 4: Level 3

just 1 more to go

Step 5: Top Level

last lever before we build the arms

Step 6: Floor and Drop Slide and Knex Man

use card board to fit

Step 7: Track for Mail Arm

eazy follow pics

Step 8: Sliding Arms


Step 9: Makeing the Claw


Step 10: End

yay you finished that was eazy here are where i baced my claw machine off of     

YouTube - K'Nex Crane Game

YouTube - K'nex Claw Game