Introduction: Knex Kar 98

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this is a cool gun, i modded it to shoot, thanks to aljeece for instructions at, thanks btw, this gun is nice looking, great stock, and may jam cuz i used a dart thing with suction cup, it wont jam with yellow rods, im not very good at making guns so yea...

Step 1: Wat to Do
i was to lazy to do it myself...
or go search knex kar 98 model on this site.

Step 2: Follow Pics

the pics are self explanatory

Step 3: Continueation

read the text boxes

Step 4:

alright peeps, heres the kinda hard part(jk)

Step 5:

Add rubber bands and have fun. That's all, please subscribe, i'm partial newbie to this site, so yeaaa......