Introduction: Knex Flail

my first Instructable! its a flail, don't poke out eyes with it! for all you bigginers this is easy to make! have fun!!!

Step 1: The Parts.

this is a list of all the parts...

18 red connectors
17 or more chain pieces
12 blue rods
1 yellow rod
1 red rod
1 orange connector
2 white connectors
7 green rods
and 2 blue connectors that can connect.

Step 2: Step 1.

now take your red rod and add all 18 of your red connectors.

Step 3: Step 2.

make this.

Step 4: Step 3.

put the handle together.folow the pic.

Step 5: Step 4.

take the white connector and put one end of the chain on it.

Step 6: Step 5.

attach the white connector on the other end of the handle...the handle is complete! time fore the main part of the weapon.

Step 7: Step 6.

make this.

Step 8: Step 7.

attach all of the blue rods to the 3D part but leave a space at the bottom for the yellow rod.

Step 9: Step 8.

now add the yellow rod to the other end of the chain with a orange your done!

Step 10: Finale Result.

this is what you should get...have fun!!