Introduction: #lockdown Popsicle!

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As you read from the subject, it is a lockdown2.0 in my country india. As in lockdown, we are committed not to move out of home unnecessarily. And it is been more than a month i am at home, have not gone anywhere outside the gate.

This is a summer season here and most times, i wanted to consume chilled food to beat the heat!

So here comes a simple lockdown Popsicle recipe which is made out of most compromise(s) :)

My mixer grinder is not in a working condition and awaiting to get repaired. Compromise 1!

No cream/major ice-cream making ingredients. Compromise 2!

No ice-stick. Compromise 3!

No moulds. Compromise 4!

But the final product, did not compromise taste-wise! Check out, about the making of the #lockdown Popsicle here!


Chocolate cream biscuits - 4 packets (each pack contains 5 biscuits); You can alternate with any cream biscuit as well.

Chocolate - 75g.

Cashews - 100g/20 in numbers.

Boiled milk (not required to be hot) - 200ml.

Ice-stick. Here i used fresh sticks of mango tree.

Step 1: Chop the Cashews

  • Clean and wash the cashews.
  • Use a knife and chop them to small pieces.
  • Store them in a container.

Step 2: Prepare Ice-stick

As i do not have ready made ice-sticks, i was looking for some good option to use for such purpose. Luckily, i got few fresh mango sticks available in my garden. I peeled the outer layer using knife and kept it ready.

Step 3: Making the Biscuit Powder

As mentioned, my mixer grinder went off few days since the lockdown. So have been managing these days.

And for this challenge, making the powder has also come as a challenge for me...:p

I used a Wooden roll (which we used for making Roti/Chapati, a kind of indian bread) and smashed the biscuits(without opening the cover) to coarse powder.

Step 4: Preparing the Popsicle Mixture

As the biscuit powder, itself has sugar, cream content it is not much necessary to add any more ingredient for making the powder until if someone needs more of it.

So i put the biscuit powder to the milk and gently mixed it.

I used ladle and wooden spatula to mix it properly. Any manual/electric whisker will also solves the purpose. As i do not prefer more fluffier, i did manual blending.

Step 5: Getting the Popsicle Ready!

  • I used medium sized plastic glasses and used as moulds.

  • I poured the mixture in appropriate quantity to the glasses. Kept it in the freezer for an hour.

  • After an hour, i inserted the ice-sticks into each of the glasses and placed it back, to the freezer.

Step 6: Coating the Popsicle!

  • After 6-8 hours in freezer, i checked the state of the ice-stick.

  • Now, to a big pan i poured half-full water to it. I placed a stand over the water, and started to boiled the water in a medium flame. While the water was boiling, i placed a small bowl on the stand and put some chocolate pieces to it.

  • While the pan getting heated, i was able to see the chocolate getting melted. I used a wooden ladle to bend it.

  • In few minutes, the chocolate got melted.

  • Now, i poured the liquid chocolate as one coating to the Popsicle(just taken out of the freezer). I sprinkled the chopped cashews as soon as the melted chocolate is coated.

Step 7: #lockdown Popsicle, Is Ready for the Table!

Here is a video, as a quick recap on the making of the simple and yummy Popsicle!

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