Introduction: Loom Band: STAR BURST RING

hello today we r making a beautiful STAR BURST ring

I've made it as easy as possible for the makers

hope u like it :)


this will be even more easier if you know

how to make star burst bracelet.

Step 1: Band Placing: the Perimeter

1: we need a total of 9 bands for the perimeter (yellow bands) and 6 bands for the star burst (red bands).a s/c hook, loom and a picking hook. Pic 1

2: we start with the perimeter. make sure the arrow is pointing away from you. stretch a band from the first middle post to the first left post.

3: then another from the first to second left side posts. now we go diagonal from the second left side post to the middle third post.Pic 2

4: do the same for the right side. now your loom should have a hexagon. Pic 3

Step 2: Band Placing: the Starburst

1: now we make the star burst of our ring. take your star burst color and stretch a band from the second middle row post(the middle of your starburst) to the second left row post.Pic 1

2: then from the second middle row post to the first left row post.Pic 2

3: keep going on in a clockwise direction until your star burst is complete and resembles a six sided star.Pic 3

Step 3: Cap Band: Placement

1: CAP BAND:- double your rubber band around your finger.Pic 1

2: attach the cap band to the last post where your starburst ended.third post of the middle row.Pic 2

Step 4: Picking: the Starburst

1: start by rotating the loom so the arrow faces you.from under the cap band take the first red band (Pic 1) and loop it over the middle of the starburst.Pic 2

2: now go way inside your middle of the star burst and take out the band which goes left down from the middle.Pic 3

3: pick that band and loop it over itself.Pic 5

4: now go to the middle of your star burst and pick the band going left up.pick and loop it over itself.Pic 6

5: keep doing the same until you are done with all the bands of the star burst.Pic 8

Step 5: Picking: the Perimeter

1: now for the perimeter we will start from where we started our starburst. pick the first band below the already looped one and loop it over itself. Pic 1, Pic 2

2: go to the next post and take the un looped band and loop it over. Pic 3

3: collect the last band and loop over itself until you reach the last band, the the top. Pic 4

4: do the same for the right this until every band of yours is looped over itself. the star burst and perimeter. Pic 5

Step 6: U Nearly There: the Finish Line

1: now we will add the extension for your ring.take two bands of the base color and put them through the bands of the last post. my finger size is 2 bands per side, you can measure yours and make it likewise.

2: do this for both the first and last post of your ring.

3: attach a s/c hook on the first post and keep your picking hook inside your bands of the first post, extension bands.

4: now for the extreme part of taking it off must be done. carefully take the ring off the loom starting from the top post. take off picking hook and attach the other side of s/c clip.