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3Instructables7,955Views180CommentsLook out behind you, I am holding the TR-18 to your head!!!!
I am a 15 year old boy. I love knex a lot. some of my top 5 favorite guns are... Tr-18 killerk Knexsayer Mepain Sr-V2 FMG-9 TeacherOfTheWays Duel turret assault bow Kinetic not in any order. SUBSCRIBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or else I will find you with my TR-18. (as you can tell i like the gun alot) More about me okay I play the alto saxophone and the baritone saxophone. Saxophone rules!!!!!!!! (\_/) (o.o) (><) This is the evil bunny of The Jamalam. would you help him to take over the world?=3 if…