Introduction: 5 Shot Semi Automatic Rifle (easy Instructions)

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Hello this is Knexwizard this is my second instructable first gun.This gun holds 5 pieces of ammo and does not jam.It fires 70ft and can breack through a shoe box.So if you want to make it go ahead.Leave comments bye.If you have any questions please ask me and I will try to awnser them.

Step 1: Handle

in this step we will be working on the handle.
1.make these
2.make sure these 2 have no snowflakes
3.attach them all together
4.another view

Step 2: Trigger

In this step you will make the trigger
1.make these
2.attach these
3.different view
4.make these
5.slide them on the blue rods
6.different view
7.put these green pieces on
8.snap them together
9.different view

Step 3: Stock

In this step we will make the stock
1.make these
2.make these two
3.get this
4.snap it into this piece
5.different view
6.snap it on that piece
7.different view
8.take this piece
9. place it on this piece
10.snap the other piece on to it
11.different view
12.make these it over this piece
14.make these pieces
15.take this piece
16.stick it through the hole
17.different view
18.stick it all the way through
19.take this piece
20.stick it on there
21.take a tan clip
22.clip it on
23.take this piece
24.stick it through
25.take a tan clip
26.put the tan clip on
27.find this part on the stock
28.snap a blue rod in it
29.get two blue rods
30.attach them to the black connectors

Step 4: Front

in this step you will make the front
1.make 5 of these
2.different view
3.attach them all together
4.make sure these 3 white rods are here on 1 end
5.make this
6.put 5 rubberbands aroud this front
7.put this on
8.different view

Step 5: Assembly

now we will assembly everthing together
follew th pictures.
1.take all hese parts.
2.take the trigger and handle
3.attach them together.
4.get the stock
5.attach it to the handle
6.what it should look like
7.get the front
8.attach it
9.almost done.

Step 6: Adding Rubberbands

now we will add the rubberbands
1.take a rubber band
2.put it here
3.strech it over to the blue rod on the stock
4.make this
5.get 2 more rubberbands
6.put the piece here and stick th rubberband through the hole
7.pull the rubberband and place it over these pieces
8.put another rubberband on and put it in the other 2 places

Step 7: Ammo

now you will make the ammo
1. make 5 of these

Step 8: Loading and Firing

now I will show you how to load it
1.take these blue rods off
2.pull one of the rubberbands from the front and place it on the wheel.
3.put a rubeerband on the rest of the wheel put the blue rods back on the top
5.take the clip out

Step 9: Now You Are Done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

congrats you are done this is what you shoulds have