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An Improvement and Creativity Enthusiastic Buddy, who publishes what makes utility and functionality for his own under GPL licence for all whom may find them useful too. mail me:; If you'd like to Support Financially, please Donate in BTC: 184ECNZr21sZXog2766zopRXABbwiFDGGi; LTC: LZ3MSFmzzzXpJd1MVx7T4Ur4Rso4waXaY7; UNO: uNuzqRGXs9dS3gNUTjawMeAeZPqEnp58qt; ZEC: t1d8UJjDw3xaFs2tP5YKoJeirh1q7vkXKMy; DASH: XikJdr5TwtSUnzGddixzsC9VzQTsKWswQD; ETH: 0x695a52dbF91Bd276290C0Ad4C1... Read More »