Move Like Spider Man

Introduction: Move Like Spider Man

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1 watch Spiderman movies so you know what the jumps landings ect look like. 2 practice them small scale as not to induce injury to your back and legs. warning start small don't go big scale until your ready. to gain strength get a rope and tie it around a tree branch clime it as far as you can go every other day if that's to hard pick one day a week. move up until your climbing it every day or two. and u can do the spider man crawl its like picture number 5. only on the floor. sorry u cant climb walls. 3 keep doing all this until you are satisfied. the rope can also be used for swinging like in the first 3 pictures. if u have questions ask me in the comments.

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7 years ago on Introduction

I gave you a vote because Spiderman is freakin' Spiderman