Remember  all that  butternut squash you stowed away in the  basement when you just couldn't stand the idea of  yet another plate of  the stuff  smothered in butter and brown sugar?  Well go get your drunken chef hat, it's time for  soup. 

Step 1: ARE YOU Roast?

of course not grab a veggie peeler, cutting board and a sharp chef knife.
chop the top and bottom half inch or so off of your garden darlings, set aside for the compost pile.
peel the skin off the squash and  toss that in the compost bin. 
don't forget to scoop out the seeds with a spoon.
Chop the squash into inch or inch and a half cubes.
toss them lil squash cubes into a glass baking pan 

Step 2: 'tis the Seasonings

look at your spice/herb selection.
black pepper?
somthin else that sounds good to ya?

mix the above in a bowl.
i personaly use about 3 parts  ginger  to one part each of the rest.  but your mileage may vary.
sprinkle this mix over the squash cubes. 

Step 3: Oven Roasted Goodness

crank the oven up to 400 or so, open the door and stuff the seasoned squash inside.
let it cook until it is soft, darkened a bit and  you start to think you might burn it.
 remove from oven and  set aside

Step 4: Onions, Garlic Etc.......

 you know the drill splash of oil, pan and a small  assortment of your favorite onion and garlic varieties. sautee them up (to save dishes do this in the bottom of your favorite stock pot).
my house is surprisingly out of garlic today, i will fix this injustice tomorrow  but for this soup onions only.

Step 5: The Blendy Bit

take your roasted squash and toss it into a food processor or blender, whatever ya got handy will work.  blend it until  fairly smooth, adding water until you have the desired thickness.

Step 6: Chop Chop

grab a few taters and some carrots.  broccoli is also a good addition but not essential.
wash, peel, chop

Step 7: It All Goes to Pot

Take a deep long look into the stock pot.
now toss all the squash, potatoes and carrots in turn the heat up until you get a  little boil out of the soup. reduce and simmer.  do not forget to stir the soup and be careful not to splash any on your knuckles, it might hurt a little.( or leave ya with a small second degree burn)

after a half hour or so your soup is ready.   scoop it into a bowl and eat.

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