Introduction: Recycled Jewelry

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Give a general description of the Instructable necklace and earring pendents from recycled candy foil

Step 1: What You'll Need

Here's what your going to need
foil wrapped candy
a short piece of gold wire
a piece of florist wire
wire snippers
clear acrylic gloss medium and varnish

Step 2: Getting Started

The first step is the hardest, carefully open the wrapper and eat the candy, then smooth the foil. It doesn't matter to much if it tears but try to keep it one piece

Step 3: 2

take one piece of the foil and roll into a ball, if wanted use a 2nd piece to make it larger.

Step 4: 3

take the small piece of gold wire and twist into a loop with 2 legs

Step 5: 4

Insert the foil ball between the legs of the loop you just made, a little dab of superglue or other adhesive can be useful but not really needed

Step 6: 5

cover the ball and legs with another sheet of foil

Step 7: 6

now cover it again, this time with the colored foil facing outward

Step 8: 7

Now attach the handle/hanger with a couple of loose twists

Step 9: 8

now using the handle wire dip the foil ball into the clear acrylic glaze, allow it to drip back into the bottle

Step 10: 9

Hang the ball from something and allow to continue dripping and drying

Step 11: 10,11,12,13,14,15

repeat steps 8 and 9 at least 3times but as many as you want, the more dips the thicker the glaze and the harder the final piece will be

Step 12: Finish

Here's some of the finished pieces, as you can see your not limited to round/oval shapes, the heart shape I used 2small and one medium size ball and worked it into shape as I covered them, the diamond? shape was a piece of juice box cut to shape, covered with foil and a couple scraps of wire superglued on then covered with the colored foil