Introduction: Semolina Upma and Straw Berry Short Cake Green Smoothie:

Ingredients required for semolina upma:
semolina 1 glass
water 3 glasses
oil few tbsp
few mustard seeds
Few cumin seeds
few split black gram
few sliced ginger
1 onion sliced
Few curry leaves
1 long green chilli or red chilli
1 diced potato
1 diced carrot
1 diced tomato
few brocoli florets
turmeric powder
lemon juice pinch

Step 1: Procedure:

Method of preparation:
Take a vessel. Add few tablespoons of oil. when the oil is heated lightly add mustard seeds,cuminseeds,split black gram.when they lightly change the color add ginger slices, green chillies and curry leaves.Add onion slices and fry for few minutes. Then add diced potatoes,carrots and allow to cook for some time. when they are cooked add brocoli florets.Add 1 diced tomato and fry for few minutes.Then add 3 glasses of water. Add little salt.when the water comes to boil add 1 glass semolina slowly by mixing continuosly so that no lumps are seen. Finally squeeze lemon juice and add a pinch of ghee.

Step 2: Strawberry Short Cake Green Smoothie:

Strawberry shortcake green smoothie is a combo of fruits and leafy vegetable.It is a very healthy drink.I used spinat here. spinat is nicely masked by strawberries and boosts mineral and protein content of the smoothie. Adding almonds gives crunchiness to the smoothie.

Ingredients required:
10 straw berries
3 frozen spinat small blocks
Method of preparation:
First blend straw berries with banane in a blender by adding water. soak dates ,almonds,raisins in water.Grind and make in to paste. Boil spinat and allow to cool. Finally blend again by adding this raisins paste and spinat. This drink is sugarless and is very healthy.

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