Introduction: Simple Wedding Invitation Card

if you are going to invite so many people, it better to keep invitation card simple. because complex card will require much time, and reproducing them will be a tedious task.. simple cards can be easily reproduced and require less time to make

for making simple invitation card we need

-card for main body 12.5 X 38 cm

-card for printable area 11 X 17 cm

-decorative margins 12.5 X 3 cm

-small card piece 3 X 7 cm



-punching machine

Step 1:

now take card for main body and fold it at 17.5 cm

now fold the extra 3 cm remaining part of the card

refer photos

now stick design border on that 3 cm part

similarly stick design border at bottom of the card too

Step 2:

now open card and put printable card in the main body, adjust accordingly

now close main body card

punch using punching machine as shown

put a ribbon through punched holes

tie a bow

invitation card is ready

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