Varying Size Captain America Shields

Introduction: Varying Size Captain America Shields

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just a random project to take away the boredom,
inspired by seeing the avengers in 3D then finding a table top in a house clearence.

used items that were found in the empty house i was working in, an old belt and a circular table top are the basic recipe then a quickpaint job. i added foam to the rear of the large shield to make it more comfortable to carry.

after the large one i made a smaller one (modeled by my 3 year old son) using a similar recipe of a circular fish tank stand top and a thin belt.

paints were plasticoat red and titanium white, also blue gloss.

still needs a little work but can be touched up around october ready for the halloween season.

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    This is great, I'd love to see a full write-up on how you made this!


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    basic tutorial as i cant make an instructable at present

    take a circular piece of wood like a table top and glue a foam sheet onto one side of it
    next add two strips of leather belt one the size of your forearm the other large enough for your fist, if you screw through the foam as i did it gives extra support to stop the foam dropping off and allows longer screws to be used, also adding "O" ring washers to the screws is advised.
    add a strip of belt with the buckle attatched to the two peices using duct tape one end and the bucke the other.

    then flip the shield and trace out concentric rings using a drawing pin and string with a pencil attacthed (or large compass, then paint up using plastic based paints or gloss. trace out a star and paint.
    add some varnish to finish up and protect.
    hope this helps.