Introduction: Varying Size Captain America Shields

About: im an avid cosplayer, who works in cardboard, paper mache, foam, resin, fibreglass, electronics and plastic pipes. im a gas fitter by trade and can fix any boiler, fire or appliance and i occasionally create …

just a random project to take away the boredom,
inspired by seeing the avengers in 3D then finding a table top in a house clearence.

used items that were found in the empty house i was working in, an old belt and a circular table top are the basic recipe then a quickpaint job. i added foam to the rear of the large shield to make it more comfortable to carry.

after the large one i made a smaller one (modeled by my 3 year old son) using a similar recipe of a circular fish tank stand top and a thin belt.

paints were plasticoat red and titanium white, also blue gloss.

still needs a little work but can be touched up around october ready for the halloween season.