Introduction: Working Knex Grenade *edit*

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       This is my new working knex grenade. I say working because most grenades on this site just fall apart when you throw them, but this one actually explodes like a real grenade. This grenade can use as little as 7 pieces, allowing for MASS PRODUCTION!!! And who doesn't like mass production?

       The genades shown in the picture below have a range of about 10 feet, 15 stretching it. Remember, more spacers and stronger rubberbands do make the range longer, but harder to build. Anyway, onwards!

Step 1: Connect Some Pieces

Simple enough, just connect the brown or orange connector to the Y connector.

When done, sit aside for later use.

Step 2: Load the Ammo!

Slide a brown/orange connector onto the red rod. Then slide 3-9 (I used four) gray spacers on the rod. You may also useblue spacers.

Hint: 1 grey spacer = 3 blue.

Step 3: Rubberband Placement

Place rubberband on the side without the y connector.

Step 4: Priming and Throwing

Hook rubber band on both sides of the brown/orange connector. then place y connector straight up on the red rod. if the connector goes to one side, simply slide more of the rubberband to that side.

to throw, gently pull out red rod and toss the gren ade not the rod. well iguess you COULD throw the rod, but i wouldn't.

i hope you liked my first ible. please rate & comment. bad things are accepted.

HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!